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Lions, elephants, wildebeest and meerkats.

Wild animals in Tanzania

Tanzania offers an overwhelming amount and diversity of nature. Not only in the national parks but also in unexpected places nature speaks of itself. In the Serengeti Come face to face with the Big Five (Elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino). Also the wildebeest Migration  To behold from the Serengeti. A beautiful tour of the north of Tanzania allows you to see all these animals. Also very suitable for families with children.

Besides the big five, there are many other animals that are worth exploring. In Arusha National Park You will find monkeys and baboons. And of course giraffes and zebras. Sometimes you also encounter elephants. The tree-climbing lions can be found in different parks, but the chance of seeing one is the largest in Lake Manyara NP. There you will also find thousands of flamingos and storks. In the lake you will also encounter the hippos, from the footbridge they are very close to behold.

In Tarangire It is especially the elephants that you find everywhere. In large groups They pull through the park. Here, however, you will also find beautiful according to, Buffalo, and baboons.

With Tanzania Tours Good Safari You can see all the beautiful animals that Tanzania is rich. With a focus on the programme, which is made entirely to measure. Slowly with a Slow Safari, or enjoy an active Active Trip .

No contact Marjolein via WhatApp on + 255 767 162 146 or via the Contact. For Tanzania tours that are memorable.

With more than 1100 bird species, Tanzania is a true bird paradise. In Arusha NP Everyone with also for birds can engineer hours. Real bird watchers pick up a heart in Tarangire National Park. Chimpanzees are found in eastern Tanzania. Gombe Stream National Park is one of the world's best places to see chimpanzees. Not so easily accessible by land but from Arusha Airport good to fly. Jane Goodall's life work can be admired here. Throughout the year we organize day trips where you will find the chimpanzees walking through the jungle.  Good Safari you will be guaranteed to take you to the most Tanzania travels beautiful places in Tanzania. Destinations and excursions are organised through our reliable, fixed local partners.

The Big Five.

Elephant, rhino, buffalo, cheetah, lion.

The Big Five

In East Africa, more large mammals are living than anywhere in the world. In the Serengeti is the highest Dierenmassadichtheid (total of animals expressed in weight per km2) in the world!

Only in Tanzania are more than 80 different large mammals. Of course you also come to Africa to see the big Five: Elephant, lion, buffalo, cheetah and Rhino. But do not pick up your nose for all other mammals that are at least as interesting but with the magic stamp of the big-five.


Millions of wildebeest in search of food.

Wildebeest Migration

The trek of the wildebeest is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on Earth. Every year hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, but also zebras and impala from the Serengeti, attract the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

Between June and October, the animals migrate northward in search of food. Around November they come back again. The primal feeling propel the animals at a frantic pace. Dangerous and impressive.


Colorful, large numbers, unique species.


Tanzania can safely be called a country for bird lovers. There are more than 1100 species in Tanzania, of which 30 species only exist in Tanzania. 

With some good information in the hand, eg a bird card, it is also just fun to look at birds and they try to give proper name. In addition, many birds are simply beautiful or impressive to see. Take for example the 1.3 meter high Secretary Bird who is a little arrogant about grassy plains running in search of prey. There may well be poultry near Arusha. Only in Arusha National Park is it worth spending a day walking around. However, from the Good Safari Villa (day) Trips can also be made to Tarangire National Park where it is very good birding.


Discover the chimpanzees of Jane Goodall.


A chimpanzee may not be expected to be very fast in Tanzania, yet they are there. In the jungle adjacent to the Tanganyika Lake for example.

In fact, the Gombe Stream National Park is one of the world's best places to see chimpanzees. Not so easily accessible by land but from Arusha Airport good to fly. Jane Goodall's life work can be admired here. All year round, you can be right here to visit these wondrous creatures that seem so anxious to people.