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Tanzania Destinations.

The most beautiful places in Tanzania

Tanzania travels from Good Safari its always singular. Made to measure with advice from Tanzania, where we live, to the most beautiful places of Tanzania. Completely adapted to your needs.

Whether you want to walk through small villages, see the Big five or spend hours gazing at birds, we arrange everything. Our Arusha Villa is a fantastic starting point for your trip. Start quietly with a walk and an afternoon by the pool, or jump right in the car to find the rhino. We organize your own safari car with driver/guide, accommodations and all activities. Fully customised, provided with personal advice.

Tanzania Tours Good Safari are special, tailor-made for your family or group. Take Contact With us for a free quote or take a look at Our inspiration Travels.

Arusha National Park.

Close by and very worthwhile.

Arusha National Park

This small park is very diverse and consists of rainforests, acacia forests and crater lakes. You can walk here (accompanied by an armed guide), horse riding and canoeing. Active and closer to nature you can hardly come. That is only possible in Arusha National Park. 

Around the crater lakes you will find elephants, buffalo, giraffes, zebras and hippos. From a canoe you can admire the animals very close by. In the rainforest mostly baboons and monkeys live. The park is also known for its many, special bird species. 

The core of the park is Mount Meru, at 4566 m altitude. The ascent of this mountain is spectacular and is often unjustifiably overshadowed by the climb of the Kilimanjaro. In four days this mountain, through several routes and always accompanied by a guide, can be climbed. 

Tanzania travels from Good Safari brings you to the most beautiful places of Tanzania. Tailor made program, advice from Tanzania. 

Recommended number of Days

2 to 3 day trips from Arusha Villa

Ascent Mount Meru

4 days/3 nights from Arusha Villa

Tarangire National Park.

Bird Paradise in typical African landscape.

Tarangire National Park

The Baobab landscape that Africa is known for is alive here. The large number of elephants in this park completes the picture. The river of the same name, which flows through the park, gives water for the many large animals such as zebras, wildebeest, elk and giraffes.

With more than 450 bird species, Tarangire is a paradise for bird watchers. The river banks are ideal to see wildlife and guides will always this way you. In This park also Walkingsafaris are offered. Read Here About our last visit to this beautiful park. 

Tanzania travels from Good Safari its unique and custom made. Our advice from Tanzania is accurate and reliable. We are very often on safari and know all the places we recommend. Take Contact With us for a free quote. 

Recommended number of Days

Day trip or 2 days/1 night Arusha Villa from (Journey time 2 hours)

Lake Manyara National Park.

Small and pink of the flamingos.

Lake Manyara National Park

This beautiful and small National Park is too often unjustifiably driven past. It is an impressive park with lots and interesting animals and plants. It is best known for the many flamingos that stay around the lake during the rainy season.

Besides flamingos there are also many other bird species, which makes Lake Manyara very popular with bird watchers. In This park the greatest chance is to see the tree-climbing lion. But also many other large mammals, including elephants, hippos, zebras etc are common. No other park in the area offers you the possibility to do a night safari. This exciting experience is truly memorable.

Tanzania Tours of Good Safari are tailor-made and fully adapted to your needs. You travel with a private safari Jeep with driver/guide. From Tanzania, where we live, we can best advise you on your unforgettable holiday. 

Recommended number of Days

Day Trip Arusha Villa from (Journey time 2 hours)

Ngorongoro Conservation.

Meet the Maasai in this Unesco natural wonder.

Ngorongoro Conservation

This world-famous natural wonder makes everyone breathless. The Ngorongoro crater is 19 km wide and up to 600m deep. In this Life Lions, buffalos, ostriches but also zebras and wildebeest are found in large numbers. 

Most wildlife live in the crater area but also outside you can encounter an elephant or a giraffe. 

Unlike the national parks, where no residents are allowed, live and live in this area more than 40,000 Maasai. Their cattle graze here, and they sell stuff along the way. To find out more of the culture and life of the Masaai you can visit a number of villages. Besides all the beautiful nature in Tanzania, such a visit is highly recommended.

Recommended number of Days

2 days/1 night from Arusha Villa (Journey time 3-4 hours)

Serengeti National Park.

Famous and very impressive.


The trek of the wildebeest is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on Earth. Every year hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, but also zebras and impala from the Serengeti to the Masaai Mara in Kenya. 

Between June and October, the animals migrate northward in search of food. Around November they come back again. The primal feeling propel the animals at a frantic pace. Dangerous and impressive. 

But also outside the migration season, the Serengeti offers a fantastic experience. Besides the Big Five (elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard, rhino) Many other animals live in this well-known Tanzania destination that are worth exploring. The funny wart hogs, the impressioning Moose antelope, the extinct threatened African wild dog. Just to name a few. Also the Serengeti is a bird paradise. If you'd like to see a kill, it's interesting to read the Marjolein column of this. Look here. 

Tanzania travels from Good Safari bringing you to the most special places of Tanzania. 

Recommended number of Days

4 days/3 nights from Arusha Villa [/liste


To the top in seven days.


The highest, freestanding mountain of Africa speaks to everyone's imagination. and rightly so. This mountain with a height of 5896 meters draws more than 25,000 tractors each year which can reach the top without ropes or technical climbing experience. But it is not easy.  View Here for a description of a climb with Good Safari .
Fortunately, the Kilimanjaro is also worth a visit without reaching the summit.

Two days climb Kilimanjaro with an overnight stay in the Mandara hut. The first day you walk from the gate the first part of the Marangu route. Lunch on the way in the forest. Dinner and overnight stay at 2800 m. The second day something is rising and then back to the gate. Back at Arusha Villa the dark. 

To the top? Beautiful vistas and knowledge of the life of the Maasai living on the slopes are worth a visit. There are several routes to the top. Depending on your condition, time and budget, you choose-in consultation with experienced guides-the best route. The weather on the mountain is often wet and cold, so warm, waterproof clothing is essential. Remember that the Ascent of the Kilimanjaro is a serious undertaking. Many people don't get the top. Good preparation and good stuff are essential. But the experience is therefore never to forget! 

We strictly adhere to the guidelines of the Porters Association, the KPAP. They propose minimum conditions of employment to the wearers, who will be able to make sure that the wearer who joins the mountain will be paid decently, get food and have good warm clothing. 

Contact Marjolein to discuss all possibilities. 

Recommended number of Days

7 days/6 nights from Arusha Villa


Beautiful views, walking, rest


Mkomazi is a large but unknown park east of Arusha. Vast, full of peace and space, surrounded by the Para Mountains and Usambara Mountains.  

This park is especially suitable for people who want to leave the beaten roads. The number of visitors is very low and that is not right. The park is definitely worth a visit. Here you will find zebras, giraffes, elephants and lions. Over 400 different bird species. A park bordering Kenya and animals crossing this border without problems. 

You can make long walks here, several days if you want. Nothing and no one come to you. Pure nature.  


Trekking through the habitat of the chimps.


Chimpanzees are found in eastern Tanzania. Gombe Stream National Park is one of the world's best places to see chimpanzees.

This Tanzania destination is not so easily accessible by land but from Arusha Airport to fly well. Jane Goodall's life work can be admired here. Throughout the year we organize day trips where you will find the chimpanzees walking through the jungle.


Secluded and expansive.


In the west of Tanzania you can find Katavi National Park. This park is 4,000 km in size and houses many animals. The Katuma River meanders through the park.

The Katavi Plains are known for their huge amount of animals. In the dry season, from May to October, these are buffalo, elephant, giraffe, elk, topi and zebra. But you also find many lions and Hyena's.

During the rainy period there are many water birds. Here you can also see the largest population of crocodiles and hippos.

Katavi is a Hiking Paradise. With a guide you can make (long) walks on the different hiking trails.



Tanzania's largest national park.


Ruaha is the largest national park in Tanzania and East Africa. Located in the middle of the country it is still undiscovered with few tourists. There is some wonderful tented camps in the park from which with open safari cars game drives are done.

During the ride you will be eye-to-eye with lions, giraffe, elephant, Kudu's, zebras and many other animals. For bird watchers, Ruaha is a real paradise. Over 540 different bird species have been seen here. The endangered wild Dog also occurs here. Ruaha is scenic. There are huge baobab trees, which you can see from afar in the open countryside. Those trees alone are worth a visit.

The large Ruaha river flows through the park. On the banks of the river you can find many special waterfowl such as the Goliath herons, saddle-billed Storks, white-headed plovers and the white-backed night heron.

In Ruaha National Park You can also do a night game drive. You have a great chance to see hunting lions or leopards. In addition, the park is also ideal for Walking Safaris.


Unique boat safaris in Africa's largest game reserve.


Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected nature reserve in Tanzania. With over 50,000 km2 and more than 800,000 animals it is worth a visit. Here you will find many elephants, buffalos, wildebeest and other animals such as impala and buckets. . Through the high grass, lions, cheetahs and leopards sneak into the search for prey. Selous is a very water-rich area. An important vein is the Rufiji River. Most of our guests stay in a luxurious tented camp on this beautiful river.

Boat trips are organized from the camp. A great way to see game from another side. Also a unique way to discover the more than 400 bird species that Selous is rich in.

Selous Game Reserve has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1982. Selous is one of Africa's largest wilderness areas. Large populations of elephants, rhinos and wild dogs live there.

Despite the special features of this area, there is no mass tourism (yet). If you want to go to a quiet and very special place on safari, Selous is certainly worth the consideration.



Sun, sea, white Beach


Zanzibar is a beautiful island, off the coast of the mainland of Tanzania. Many of our guests choose to leave their holidays with a number of days on the coast of Zanzibar.

From Arusha take a domestic flight to Stonetown, the capital city of Zanzibar. Here you will be picked up and brought to your hotel. The choice of accommodation on Zanzibar is overwhelming. Together we choose the accommodation that best suits your needs, expectations and budget. For the diving enthusiasts, both experienced and beginners, Kendwa rocks on the west coast of the island is a very good choice. Do you prefer to have a very quiet place, with no one around? Then a private bungalow on the beach for example at Hodi Hodi is a good place. Most reuring can be found in Nungwi, where also the large hotels are.  For those who want to kitesurf, the accommodation on the beach of Pajé is very suitable. We choose the very chic White sands. Or the simple Uhuru Beach at Jambiani. 

And don't forget to stay in Stonetown for a few days. The culture of the inhabitants of this beautiful island is everywhere and worth exploring.

Tanzania travels from Good Safari combining nature and beach. Adventure and relaxation. Active and Rest. We would be happy to advise you on the best way to fill your journey.